Black Powder & Alcohol (Song)

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Black Powder & Alcohol

9/1/85 by Leslie Fish and Random Factors

Give me charcoal to the measure two.

Send the bullet where you want it to.

Give me sulfer to the measure three.

Make that powder gonna keep you free.

Give me salt peter, measure fifteen.

Sweetest shootin' that you've ever seen.

Gimme water, yeast, and veggie trash.

Leave it sittin' in a slurry mash.

When it's ready, put it in the still.

If you can't heat it then the sunlight will.

Draw the alcohol away, and then

Ya put the slurry back and start again.

Booze will clean your cuts or run your car.

You can make it anywhere you are.

Black powder in your cartridge shell

Will send the robbers runnin' clean to hell.

You can make 'em if you just know how,

So kids, remember what I'm tellin' you now.