Evacuation (Movie)

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(From Multi award Winning Director: Micah Mahaffey) Micah Mahaffey Productions, Morph Productions - An event where 3 different groups of people must Evacuate the city of bend before they end up dead! Starring: Nathan Dayton, Harrison Hall, Micah Mahaffey, Candice Dayton, Anna Mahaffey, Emily Robertson, Teagan Qual, Robert Harvey, Leah Mahaffey, Nathan Salyers, Calvin Jones, Jeremiah Nicholas, Matthew Mahaffey. Written & Directed By: Micah Mahaffey

The following film Won Best Picture at the bend high Film Festival!

Award winning Short Film Directed by Micah Mahaffey

Thanks... Patrick Welch Patrick Barker Tami Mahaffey Robert Mahaffey Corey McEuin http://www.youtube.com/user/corobeuin Nathan Dayton Candice Dayton

Award Winning Short film Selected best picture at the bend high film festival in bend Oregon.

Written & Directed by Micah Mahaffey (Award Winning director) Award Winning Short Film Evacuation.