How to Assemble An At Home Kit (Video)

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Prepping 101- How to Assemble An At Home Kit!

In this lesson we help take the guess work out of prepping for an emergency; we discuss that there are different kinds of scenarios and therefore different needs for each scenario; you should prep for your family's most-likely emergencies; we prep for five scenarios; tornado, earthquake, nuclear fall-out, epidemic, and wartime/loss of income issue if the government fails.

What are you most likely scenarios? Volcanoes, hurricanes, flooding, mudslides, pandemic, banks collapsing. You have to decide this first. Once you decide your top few, then you make a kit for each scenario IF THEY DIFFER in some way from the other kits. So, make a list for your STAY AT HOME KIT FIRST; this is the list for this video; What you will need to BUG IN! More LINKS Janie Pendleton on FB:

Janie Pendleton