Magic of Magic Mix Class (Video)

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March 2016: Magic of Magic Mix Class

We can hardly wait for our newest food storage class, “The Magic of Magic Mix”. For us, helping you learn new ways to use your food storage (and enjoy cooking) is practically a mission statement. Now, no matter where you live, you can join us for 30 minute classes about different food storage and preparedness topics each month right in your very own house. This month, we’ll be serving up trending flavors and fresh techniques to help you build your skills and experience new tastes as Crystal shares how to use Magic Mix (a magical blend of powdered milk, flour and butter) to revolutionize your dinner! Use this helpful mix to make perfect white sauces and to replace those over-priced (and processed!) cream soup staples. Plus, we’ll even make over a kid classic dessert (Jell-O has nothing on our instant chocolate pudding!). So get out your powdered milk and join us!

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