TOP 10 Reasons NOT to Bug Out (Video)

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Survive This: TOP 10 Reasons NOT to Bug Out

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Say it isn't so: you have to leave your house and BUG OUT. Or do you? TNP started an internet movement years ago to HELP people both materially and mentally prepare WROL events. This movement was taken up by many others and is now expansive with a life of its own. Sometimes the the narrative of these media sources is shocking, almost wanting an opportunity to use weapons and/or BUG OUT. Pushing past that, we concentrate on the latter here. Is always leaving smart? Watch Nutnfancy's Top 10 Reasons why bugging out may be a stupid call. A sneak peak at the engaging discussion: Becoming a FEMA CAMP number, legal deeds, WROL will be temporary, the hard life you should expect, pioneer life is coming again, handcart companies, how most still don't get SAWC, Mongolians seem to be happy despite living in windswept wilderness, the realities of exposure, romance vs reality, roving gangs that will predate the unprepared, long term food storage, dealing with door knockers, the bastion of "neighborhood," BUG OUT locations, medical decisions (crucial decider), weapon realities that the internet/YT doesn't get, kit considerations, and much more. Sure to be another Nutnfancy Philosophy Fave by TNPrs.