Fish Antibiotics

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Most veterinarian medicines can be used by humans. 90% of all animal medications/pain relievers/ antibiotics are manufactured by the same companies, that produce human medicines. Slap on a USDA approval sticker and they become 500Xs more expensive for human consumption.

  • Azithromyacin = aquatic Azithromyacin 200 mg
  • Amoxicillin = fish mox / mox forth
  • Ampicillin = fish cillin forth
  • Ciproflaxin = fish flow
  • Cephalexin = fish flex forth
  • Clindamyacin = fish cin
  • Doxycycline = bird biotic
  • Metronidazole = fish zole
  • Sulfamethoxazole/ Trimethoprin
  • Erythromycin = fish mycin

I could keep going, but it'll be a VERY LONG list. You get the point. The list above can be had at most pet stores, without a prescription. They come in 250 to 500 mg doses, in pill, capsule and powder forms. The pill and capsule forms are identical in every way, to what you get from a pharmacy. The only difference? Price.

If you give it to your fish, dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, etc. It's safe for you. Bugs are bugs, pain is pain, blood is blood, tissue is tissue, it doesn't matter who or what is infected by it. The biological nature doesn't change.

Yes, you can look any of this up. This came straight from my doctor. 5 yrs ago , I got a case of pin worms, probably from eating undercooked pork. I saw my doctor because of my symptoms and seeing a worm in my stool (poop). My doctor wrote a prescription for me. We were leaving his office at the same time. When we got outside, he walked over to my car and said, since he's not my doctor (at this moment ) , you can go to the pharmacy with that prescription and pay about $50 per pill, or you can go to your dog's vet and get the same thing for $5 per pill..

We got into into a lengthy discussion about that and other meds that are identical for animals and humans.